Eat Well, Feel Well, Live Well

Refuelling is a fundamental activity of living, our chief source being food. How it is broken down and utilised by the body is influenced by many factors:
• what we eat
• how we eat
• when we eat
• why we eat

woman with bikeWhen these factors are out of balance we may suffer signs of feeling unwell and go on to develop ongoing chronic conditions of poor health. Living with recurring symptoms such as; bloating, pre-menstrual syndrome, bad breath, poor skin condition, menopausal irritants, low energy, headaches, poor weight management etc., is not inevitable or a natural consequence of life. Nutritional Therapy will help you to recognise your individual symptoms, and provide you with an individually tailored plan of action to address them.

Activity and lifestyle are an influential factor of health and vitality. Nutritional Therapy will also consider your level of these in the light to your symptoms.

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach to health; therein recommendations may incorporate adding other therapies to your programme which NT may not specifically deal with, such a training programme or periodontal treatment. To this end Maria Bray Nutritional Therapy has linked with other practitioners in order to provide you with this service.